Sobre mí

¡Hola a todos! ¿Qué decir sobre mí? Como se puede ver en el resto de la página, soy ilustrador y dibujante de cómics. Incluso últimamente soy más dibujante de cómics que ilustrador. Las dos cosas me gustan por igual.

Me gustaría actualizar más a menudo la web para enseñaros el montón de cosas guays e increíbles que estoy haciendo. Pero creo que me he dejado el gas encendido, el pollo en el horno y las lentejas en el fuego. Así que ya si eso.

Y ahora, unas palabrotas en inglés, que siempre quedan bien.


Welcome to my website. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. I have no idea about what to write in this space. It’s supposed to be a place to talk about myself and show you how amazing and cool I am. So let’s do it!

First of all, I’m really cool. I don´t know anymore words in english with the same meaning, because of my poor english vocabulary, so I’m going to use that word again and again and again… and again!

Why have i got so poor vocabulary? Because it’s cool and, the most important reason, I’m spanish. The spanish bad english is world-wide known. We’ve got the «bad english gene» and there’s nothing to do to fix it. Is that a reasonable excuse for me? No, but my dogs love me anyway, so who cares?

I live in a small town close to Madrid, a beautiful city full of fast walking people, taxis and chinese beer sellers. If you live abroad (out of Spain), probably you’ve never been in Madrid. Well, Madrid is like Barcelona (I’m sure you’ve visited Barcelona), but totally the opposite; that is, worse. In Madrid there isn’t any Gaudi’s polymorphous building. However, there is a huge crazy freaking awesome golden moving phallus that worths the visit!
But I’m not a tourist guide, so let’s talk about me again! I draw since …ever! In school I was that kid who didn’t pay attention (or full attention) to the teacher because I was drawing in my books. Or worse, I could be reading comics in class. Yeah, I was a normal guy (I’m cooler now!).

Despite my lack of attention, I was a good student. So I walked along the «standard-student» way and finished my studies, sciences university degree included. But in all that years I kept on drawing.

Is not until my last two university years, when I decided to improve my drawing skills. I enrolled at the Carlos Diez School, where I spent two years. There, I learnt airbrushing and was ok for me at first. But a few years later I realized that my drawing and painting skills were still poor. So in 2007 I grabbed the bull by its horns and enrolled at Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional (translation: Professional Drawing Superior School… I guess!).

And now, some years later, I’m working as a professional illustrator. I’m interested in editorial field at the most, but I’m also open to unknown fields, if I find them attractive. So if you want me to work with you, send me an email and let’s talk!